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Marie Curie

19th century Polish and French scientist

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Malala Yousafzai

Survivor of a Taliban attack on her life, fighting for women's education

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Angela Merkel

Germany's head of state and most powerful woman in the world

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Michelle Obama

Lawyer, writer, and First Lady of the US

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Welcome to the Nasty Princesses Wiki[]

This wiki is about women who have made a difference, and may not always get recognized for their efforts.

What are Nasty Princesses?[]

The phrase "nasty woman" was recently popularized when Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton that name during the third election debate on October 19th, 2016. Nasty women (and nasty princesses) are smart women who get things done. We are reclaiming what was intended as an insult and embracing it. Here's to all the Nasty Princesses out there!

We were originally inspired by another fabulous site - Rejected Princesses, please do visit and enjoy all their stories; then take your inspiration and come contribute to this wiki!

Latest activity[]

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