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Not a princess, but certainly a woman who can get things done, Angela Merkel is Germany's first female head of state.

She has been Germany's Chancellor since 2005, representing the conservative party "CDU" (Christian Democratic Union) and has been named the World's Second Most Powerful Person by Forbes magazine. She is most likely the most powerful woman in the world.

She has a PhD in physical chemistry and entered politics after the 1989 Revolutions. She was the second woman to ever preside over the European Council in 2007 and has been very influential in keeping Europe together through various financial crises and in strengthening international economic relations.

Most recently, she played a central role in the refugee crisis, defending her open-door policy towards refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries against heavy criticism. She holds firm to the opinion that people in need should be welcomed with open arms, even at high costs to her country.